Máy đo chiều dày lớp sơn, mạ QNIx series Densoku

Mã SP: - Model: Densoku

Máy đo chiều dày lớp sơn, mạ QNIx series Densoku

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Features of QNIx series

It enables accurate film thickness measurement without the film calibration

Delivery by entering the calibration data of 16Point at the factory. As a result, the troublesome film calibration work is no longer required, and the exact thickness can be measured.

New technology of film thickness measurement data transfer

The traditional instrument, the instrument body and the personal computer had to transfer the connection measurement data in the cable. QNIx series use a "wireless Dongle" to be transferred just plug into a USB port. Measurement data more quickly, can be viewed comfortably.

Wireless measuring instrument of ultra-lightweight

Data measured by the probe is transmitted to the main body wirelessly. Or getting in the way or caught in the cable as the conventional product, the risk that leads to fall accident mitigation. In addition, the weight of the probe is an ultra light weight of 30g, and you do not need to carry around a heavy instrument.

Probe that does not leave a trace in hard to break the measurement object

QNIx series of probes durability 3 percent up surrounded by a reinforced plastic. For decomposition and repair it is easy even if you have any chance failure, also shorten repair period. In addition, ruby ​​chip and is installed, you can safely measure without damaging the measurement object (sample).

Features of QNIx series
Features of QNIx series

Free quality 3-year warranty

In technical collaboration with Germany Automation Dr.Nix Inc., guarantee the perfect after-sales service.Precisely because there is confidence in the quality, it promises a free warranty of three years.

※ regular test, results document, damaged by improper handling (case damage, such as a battery cover loss) incorrect binding of body and Purofu in a way, the battery fluid leakage, battery electrode mix, ruby ​​chip damaged three years free of charge It is covered by the warranty.

QNIx series comparison Specifications Table

QNIx 8500 QNIx 
QNIx 7500 QNIx Carcheck System QNIx Handy
Measurable film [F] non-magnetic coating on the iron material [N] non-conductive coatings on non-ferrous material [FN] non-magnetic, non-conductive coating on the iron and non-ferrous material

[FN] non-magnetic, non-conductive coating on the iron and non-ferrous material [FN] non-magnetic, non-conductive film thickness on the iron-aluminum material
Material recognition Iron and non-ferrous material 
automatic recognition exchange
Iron and non-ferrous material
automatic recognition exchange
User specified conversion Iron and non-ferrous material
automatic recognition exchange
Iron and non-ferrous, automatic recognition mode conversion
Measurement principle [F] magnetic flux (Hall-Effect) [N] eddy current (Eddy-Current)
Measurement range ~ 2,000Myuemu 0 
(Optional: 5,000μm)
0 ~ 3,000μm ~ 2,000Myuemu 0 
(Optional: 5,000μm)
0 ~ 5,000μm 0 ~ 500μm
The maximum 
0.1μm, 1μm [M]0.01μm
1μm 0.1μm 0.1μm, 1μm 5μm
Configuration format 0 point correction
User calibration: 1 [M] 100
0-point correction 0-point correction No calibration function No calibration function
accuracy ± (1Myuemu Tasu 2 Pasento) 
± 3.5 Pasento 
(more than 2mm) [T] ±(0.3Myuemu Tasu 2 Pasento)

± (2μm + 3%) ± (1μm + 3%) ± (1Myuemu Tasu 2 Pasento)
± 3.5 Pasento 
(more than 2mm)
± (10μm + 5%)
Measuring speed 1,500Ms 
(about 40 times / min) [T] 920Ms(about 65 times / min) [R] 1,600Ms(about 37 times / min)


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