Máy đo chiều dày lớp sơn, mạ CT-4 Densoku

Mã SP: - Model: Densoku

Máy đo chiều dày lớp sơn, mạ CT-4 Densoku

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Features of the electrolytic film thickness meter CT-4

Operation in the easy-to-read screen is also easy

Screen is large, by the bright and easy to see Japanese display dialogue, making it easier to operate.

Current accuracy up

Current accuracy went up significantly compared with the prior art.

Possible confirmation of the surface treatment method

You can see the surface treatment method of the measurement section.

It can be measured condition setting of up to five layers

Multilayer coating can set the measurement conditions of up to five layers.

Up to 50 channels can be registered

Measurement channel is up to 50 channels can be registered.

Junsuzuso-alloy tin layer can be measured separately

Tin plating measurement can be measured separately pure tin layer and the alloy tin layer.

Automatic display the type of use the electrolyte

The combination of the film and the substrate, and automatically displays the type of use the electrolyte solution.

EXCEL directly transfer the data to the

You can transfer the data directly to the personal computer of EXCEL.

Statistical processing featuring

There is statistical processing functions, you can view the data on the screen.

5 types of data processing method

Data processing method There are five types.

Print-out in Japanese

The printer uses a thermal paper roll, you can print out the Japanese.

Weight calculation of per unit area

You can weight the calculation of per unit area.

Double nickel, easily Hakate bird nickel potential difference

By using a combination of the reference electrode and the recorder, double nickel, you can easily Hakate birds nickel potential difference (optional).

Measurements during the screen

Measurements during the screen

Statistics selection screen

Statistics selection screen

Statistics display screen

Statistics display screen

Statistics display screen

Statistics display screen

EXCEL transfer screen (personal computer)

EXCEL transfer screen 
(personal computer)

Accessories of electrolytic film thickness meter CT-4

Measuring table Settings are very easy! Round bar is also at the touch of a button OK! In particular, it is ideal for continuous measurement of the same shape.
Standard accessory - Electrolyte solution (100ml) 1 present 
and washing bottles 1 pc, waste liquid bottle 1 pc 
, measuring table 
cell A, B 
-gasket A, B, C 
, standard plate (Ni / Fe) 1 sheets, cleaning fluid (100ml) 1 this, beaker dropper 
and stirring tube 1, wherein the fuse, instruction manual.

Of electrolytic film thickness meter CT-4 option

WT The following of the wire and the width 1.7mm, for the measurement of small parts requires WT (wire tester).
Standard accessories 
· Positive cathode jig · WT (wire tester)


Film thickness meter of Densoku is, JIS (Japan standard industrial) H8501, H8610-8619, STM (American Society for Testing and Materials) B504-82, MIL (US military standard), ISO (International Standard) 2177, DIN (German standard) conform to standards such as 50932,50955, it is an international measuring instrument that has been certified with the US Kokuru Corporation.

Specification of electrolytic film thickness meter CT-4

Measurement range 0.006 ~ 300μm
Minimum resolution 0.125μ / sec, or 0.0125μ / sec, 0.00125μ / sec.
Body accuracy ± 1%
Unit of measurement μm, nm, mg (g / sq.m)
Measurement area 3.4mmφ If you use the A-type gasket 
2.4mmφ when using a B-type gasket 
if you use the C-type gasket 1.7mmφ
Power supply AC100V (115V, 200V, 230V), 50 / 60Hz
Body dimensions H181 × W287 × D302mm
weight 5.8kg

(Note) The specifications are subject to change without notice.

Various combinations and electrolytic reagent of the green body and the plating

Kind of plating Electrolyte Green body
copper K-44 Iron, aluminum, nickel, permalloy, silver, Kovar, molybdenum, stainless steel, 
K-52 Brass, beryllium copper, lead, zinc die-cast, nickel silver, tin, cadmium
nickel K-54 Iron, aluminum, brass, copper, inconel, molybdenum, tungsten, stainless steel, 
non-metallic, chrome
Electroless nickel K-57 Iron, aluminum, Kovar, non-metal, stainless steel, molybdenum
Chrome K-51 Iron, aluminum, nickel, stainless steel, non-metallic, Inconel
zinc K-46 Iron, aluminum, brass, copper, nickel, non-metallic, tin, tungsten
tin K-47G Iron, nickel, nickel silver, nickel silver, permalloy, cadmium, non-metallic
K-51 Aluminum
K-50 Copper, brass
Silver K-44 Iron, aluminum, non-metal, permalloy, Kovar
K-48 Brass, copper, tin, non-metallic
K-48G Nickel, nickel silver, nickel silver
solder K-44 Iron, aluminum, brass, copper, metallic
cobalt K-54 Iron, brass, copper, metallic
brass K-44 Iron, aluminum, non-metallic
Surface treatment solution N-64 Deposit removal solution after the nickel measurement
CS For polishing of the dirt off and the resin of the cleaning suspension ... the object to be measured


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