Máy đo chiều dày lớp sơn, mạ D-20 Densoku

Mã SP: D-20 - Model: Densoku

Máy đo chiều dày lớp sơn, mạ D-20 Densoku

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Features of the eddy current type film thickness meter D-20

Lightweight and compact

Mobile you can.

It can be immediately measured

It can be measured at the same time and put the switch. Measurement time is also within one second.

High stability (± 1%) high accuracy

By a crystal oscillation method, high stability (± 1%) high precision.

Possible total inspection

Because it is non-destructive and can total inspection.

Without the need for conversion

Direct reading does not need to be translated at the formula.

Corresponding to various measurement

Coatings on metal, plating, painting, can be measured such as a resin (for example, oxide film on aluminum, plating such as zinc on iron, paint).

Become of dedicated measuring instrument

Only replace the scale plate, will be a variety of dedicated measuring instrument.

Measurement area 3M㎡ more

Corresponding to the measured area 3m2 more than that.

Also measured the metal coating on the non-metallic

You can measure the metal coating on the non-metal (plating on the example plastic).

Curved, spherical body, it can also be measured in the interior of the pipe

Curved surface, can also be measured in a spherical body. You can also measure the pipe such as the inner surface (more than φ12.7mm).

Judgment possible of the material difference

You can determine the material difference.

Measurement principle

Measurement principle When the probe was passed a high-frequency current (the probe coil) is brought closer to the metal, eddy current is generated in the metal surface layer portion. This eddy current, high-frequency magnetic field strength, frequency, received conductivity of the metal, the thickness, the influence by the shape, etc., vary the penetration depth and the size. 
And eddy currents, because it flows so as to cancel a high-frequency magnetic field of the probe, the high-frequency resistance value of the probe will change. To amplify the amount of change in this high-frequency resistance, it will be displayed in the meter. You can read the film thickness value from the deflection of the meter by doing this. Since the deflection of the film thickness value and the meter is not generally proportional, using a direct dial plate, read the film thickness value directly.

Specification of the eddy current type film thickness meter D-20

Power supply AA batteries 8, AC adapter when using AC100V
weight 2.0kg
Size 250 (W) × 186 (D) × 89 (H) mm
Oscillating frequency A 107.8kHz B 431kHz C 1725kHz D 6.9MHz

(Note) The specifications are subject to change without notice.

Probe specification of the eddy current type film thickness meter D-20

1. effect range of the probe 
during the ultra-fine probe use
2. The length of a code of probe 900mm
Curved surface on the possible measured by 3. guide of type
4. type of probe MP type ... flat uneven for a curved surface (standard) 
MPG type ... flat uneven for a curved surface (Guided) 
SM type ... flat uneven for a curved surface (ultra-fine) 
RP type ... concave surface, for pipe interior surface 
SR type ... small diameter pipe interior surface for 
the above-mentioned probe There are each a, B, C, 4 kinds of D by the film thickness to be measured.
5. probe guide # 180: plane measurement 
# 120: φ25 ~ 60mm convex curved surface measurement for 
# 90: φ30mm convex curved surface measurement of the following


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