Máy kiểm tra ma sát và mài mòn - EFM-III Series - AND

Mã SP: EFM-III Series - Model: AND

Máy kiểm tra ma sát và mài mòn - EFM-III Series - AND

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Máy kiểm tra ma sát và mài mòn

Model : EFM-III Series

Hãng sản xuất : AND

Features of the EFM-III Series
- Conforms with JIS K 7218
- Applicable to ring, disc and pin test pieces
- Sliding speed ranging from 0.001 cm/sec to 1000 cm/sec
- Frictional force measurement ranging from 2 N-cm to 1000 N-cm
- System can be customized (additional measurement and control items, etc.)
EFM-III Series applications
- Evaluation of friction properties relating to materials and products (metal, plastic, ceramics, bearing materials, brake lining
materials, clutch disks, self-lubricated materials, lubricant oil, etc.)

 Measurement of static/kinetic friction
 Measurement of wear amount
 Measurement of PV limit value
 Evaluation of seizure conditions

- Evaluation of the friction properties according to material combinations
- Evaluation of the relation between surface treatment and friction properties
- Evaluation of the relation between environmental conditions and friction properties

Examples of tests in conformity with JIS K 7128
Ring- on-ring Ring-on-disc Three-pin-on-disc
Measurement and control system
Add-on software MSAT0009
- Enables automatic control of the tester's contact pressure and sliding velocity in incremental steps (up to 50 steps)
- Displays a graph detailing average values of friction coefficient, etc. at each step
- Saves test data as well as easily retrieves and displays test results
- Displays each calculation item in various units
MSAT0001 MSAT0009
Customizable system using the AD-5400 series
- By using the AD-5400 series or the AD-4820 series, a measurement and control system can be built to meet the needs of customers.
- Devices for adding measurement items:
AD4820 optional board
AD5430-01 16ch A/D board
- Devices for adding control items
AD5430-11 Six-axis encoder input board to control motor
AD4820-10 Standard I/O board to control heater, etc.
- Signal conditioner
It is possible to design and manufacture a signal conditioner to connect to the AD-5400 series or the AD-4820 series, which makes it possible to respond to the additional measurement and control needs of customers.
AD-5410 AD-5430 AD-4820
General purpose testing machine data processing system
General purpose testing machine data processing system
Add-on software MSAT-0009 for the friction and wear tester

This additional data processing software controls the revolution speed and the contact load of the EFM series and other various friction and wear testers and can acquire and analyze friction data.
Setting Measurement Reference
Preset conditions to automatically perform stepwise control of contact load (pressure load P) and revolution speed (sliding velocity V) are required for friction test evaluation to collect data. Friction force, contact load, revolution speed and temperature data can be acquired and then converted into various units to be displayed in a graph or table. Results can be output in an arbitrary combination of friction coefficient, contact pressure, sliding distance, sliding velocity, etc. Data on the relation between PV value and friction coefficient can be displayed based on the step average of the measurement result.
Basic software MSAT-0001
Add-on software for friction and wear tester MSAT-0009
Automatic pressurizing mechanism
Control item - Maximum number of STEPS: 100 
(holding time of each step can be selected from seconds, minutes or hours*) 
- Contact load: 5000N at maximum 
- Revolution speed: limited value of the tester
Measurement item Contact load, Contact pressure 
Friction force, Friction force amplitude, Friction force, Maximum friction force, Minimum friction force 
Elapsed time 
Revolution speed 
Sample temperature 
Ambient temperature 
Amount of friction 
Sliding distance 
Coefficient of friction, Amplitude of friction coefficient, Maximum friction coefficient, Minimum friction coefficient 
PV value 
Optional equation
Data unit of measurement
Physical quantity Unit
Contact pressure Pa, kPa, MPa, GPa, N/mm2, N/cm2, gf/mm2, gf/cm2, kgf/mm2, kgf/cm2, tf/mm2, tf/cm2, pai, dyn/cm2
PV value Pa・m/sec, kPa・m/sec, MPa・m/sec, GPa・m/sec, gf/mm2・m/sec, kgf/mm2・m/sec, tf/mm2・m/sec, gf/cm2・m/sec, kgf/cm2・m/sec, tf/cm2・m/sec, psi・in/sec
Time s, min, h, ms, µs
Coefficient of friction Dimensionless
Amount of friction µm, mm, cm, m, in, ft, km
Sectional area µm2, mm2, cm2, m2, in2, ft2
Revolution speed (angular speed) rpm, rad/s
Temperature °C, K, °F
Velocity mm/min, mm/sec, m/min, m/sec, in/sec
Load mN, cN, N, gf, kgf, lbf, dyn
Mass g, kg, lb
Sample result using the general purpose testing machine data processing system
Test piece and mounting attachment
1. Ring-on-ring test piece
2. Attachment for ring-on-disc
3.Attachment for three-pin-on-disc (optional)
1. Ring-on-ring test piece
1. Cylindrical test piece
2. Cylindrical test piece for temperature measurement
(Option with thermocouple hole)

2. Attachment for ring-on-disc
1. Flat plate test piece (hard material)(optional)
Height: 30 mmLength: 30 mmWidth: 2 mm -5 mm
2. Disk test piece (optional)
Diameter: φ46 mmWidth: 2mm - 5 mm

3.Attachment for three-pin-on-disc (optional)
1. PinDiameter: φ5 mmHeight: 8 mmNumber of pins: 3
2. DiskDiameter: φ60 mm
1. Test piece and mounting attachment (a)Metal cylindrical test piece for temperature measurement (S45C) 
(b)Mounting attachment for cylindrical test piece 
(c)Mounting attachment for flat plate test piece 
(d)Attachment for pin-on-disc
2. Oil bath Capacity: approx. 250 cc 
Maximum sliding velocity: 200 cm/sec
3. Heating oil bus Capacity: approx. 800 cc 
Maximum sliding velocity: 200 cm/sec 
Temperature control range: Rt – +100°C 
Temperature controller: PID temperature control
4. Simplified heating furnace Temperature range: Rt – +300°C 
Temperature controller: Slidax 
Temperature setting: 3-digit digital method
5. High temperature chamber Heating method: Circulating hot air 
Temperature range: Rt – +200°C 
Temperature distribution: ±5°C (30 at center, 10 mm at top and bottom)
6. High and low temperature chamber Cooling method: Liquid carbon dioxide spray 
Heating method: Circulating hot air 
Temperature range: -50 – +200°C 
Temperature distribution: ±5°C(φ30 at center, 10 mm at top and bottom) 
Liquid CO2 usage: 30 kg cylinder for 24 hours
7. Pseudo-friction measurement instrument Measurement range: 0 – 5 mm 
Resolution: 0.1% FS 
Linearity: 1.0 % FS
High and low temperature chamber Oil bath
A wide variety of friction and wear testers
Compact friction and wear tester table model
(Pin-on-disc test)
Rolling friction and wear tester
[Lubricating material, Oil, Bearing material]
Reciprocating friction and wear testing instrument
[Painted surface, Characteristic evaluation of coating material]
Main unit Controller
High-speed/high-pressure friction and wear tester
Maximum revolution speed: 1100cm/sec
Maximum contact load: 2.5KN
Main unit Controller
For EFM series friction and wear tester
[Pressure measurement instrument]
AD-5430 series Bearing friction and wear tester


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