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Máy đo khí RKI Beacon 410

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The Beacon 410 is a highly configurable, microprocessor-based, flexible and easy to use 4 channel gas monitor. It simultaneously displays the gas type, readings, and status for 4 channels of gas detection. It can monitor any combination of direct connect sensors (LEL combustibles, Oxygen, Hydrogen Sulfide, Carbon Monoxide, and Carbon Dioxide) as well as any 4-20mA transmitters.

Each channel has 3 fully configurable alarm points. A built-in silenceableaudible alarm alerts you to alarm conditions. Each channel also has 2 dedicated fully configurable relays and there is a bank of common relaysas well. The common relays can optionally be configured as additional channel relays allowing up to 3 alarm relays per channel.

Each channel provides a 4-20mA output signal. A digital Modbus interface for remote logging of data via a Modbus network is standard. A Min-Max feature retains high & low peak readings for review at any time.

Field calibration is made simple by the easy to use Calibration Mode. A fully configurable high visibility strobe is available as an option. The unit can be powered from 115/220 VAC, an external 24 VDC source, or a 24 VDC backup battery. A trickle charging battery backup feature is also available as an option.

All features and functions of the Beacon 410 are controlled by easy to use menus on the backlit LCD display. The form-C (SPDT) relay contacts are rated at 10A, 250V, reducing or eliminating the need for additional slave relays. All features of the Beacon 410 are built into the unit so you never need to purchase or maintain any “add-on” cards or components.


  • Simultaneously monitor up to 4 channels
  • Digital display of all 4 channels
  • Accepts direct connect sensors for LEL / O2 / H2S / CO / CO2
  • Accepts any 4-20 mA transmitter, 2 or 3 wire
  • 3 programmable alarm levels per channel
  • Up to 3 configurable alarm relays per channel
  • Zero follower automatically compensates sensor drift
  • 4-20 mA analog & Modbus digital output standard
  • 115 / 220 VAC or 24 VDC operation
  • Audible alarm with silence feature
  • Alarm reset switch
  • Built in trouble alarm with relay
  • Weather proof NEMA 4X enclosure
  • Optional strobe & battery backup available


  • Petrochemical plants
  • Refineries
  • Water & wastewater treatment pants
  • Pulp & paper mills
  • Gas, telephone, & electric utilities
  • Parking garages
  • Manufacturing facilities
  • Steel
  • Automotive
  • HVAC



Dimensions Height: 12.5”
Width 11”
Depth 6.4”
Enclosure NEMA 4X non-metallic for indoor and outdoor locations
3/4” NPT conduit hubs, 4 provided, for sensor, power, & relay wiring
Screw type terminal block, 14 gauge max
115 VAC & 220 VAC, or 24 VDC nominal, battery backup option available
Display PCB Control Switches:
  • UP/YES push button switch 
  • DOWN/NO push button switch 
  • ESCAPE push button switch 
  • ENTER push button switch 
  • External reset switch 
  • On/Off toggle switch


Operating Temp -4°F to 122°F (-20°C to 50°C)
Storage Temp -4°F to 158°F (-20°C to 70°C)
0 - 95% RH (non-condensing)
NEMA-4X enclosure, chemical and weather resistant


Direct Wired
LEL, Oxygen, Carbon Monoxide, Hydrogen Sulfide, and Carbon Dioxide.
Remote amp not required for less than 500 feet
4-20 mA Sensors Accepts any 4-20 mA transmitter (24 VDC, 2 or 3 wire). A wide variety of RKI/Riken sensors are available with 4-20 mA signals. Wiring distances up to 8,000 feet
Sampling Methods Diffusion and sample draw heads available


Relays Two flexible, programmable Form-C (C, NO, NC) relays per channel, plus five common relays (Fail, Alarm-1, Alarm-2, Alarm-3, Alarm-Any). Common relays may optionally be assigned to function as additional channel alarm relays, providing for up to three alarm relays per channel. 10A contact rating.
4-20 mA Signal output, 4-20 mA (maximum load impedance 500 ohms), per channel
RS-485 Modbus format RS-485 serial output of all channel data, including gas reading and alarm status.
Display 4 x 20 backlit LCD display
Audible Built-in audible alarm, 94 dB, mounted on enclosure
Coded output: pulsing = gas alarm, steady = fail
Visual 1. Alarm LEDs (on Display PCB)
  • Alarm 1, yellow
  • Alarm 2, orange
  • Alarm 3, red
  • Fail, yellow
2. Green Pilot LED to indicate AC power connected (on Display PCB)
3. An optional 24 VDC NEMA 4X strobe mounted to top of case.


One year materials and workmanship


Partial List Of Detectable Gases
Many other gases or ranges available. Contact RKI for gases or ranges not listed.
Ammonia (NH3)
0 - 75.0 ppm
Arsine (AsH3 ) 0 - 0.20 ppm
Boron Trichloride (BCl3) 0 - 15.0 ppm
Carbon Dioxide (CO2) 0 - 1.0 %
Carbon Monoxide (CO) 0 - 300 ppm
Chlorine (Cl2) 0 - 3.0 ppm
Chlorine Dioxide (ClO2) 0 - 1.00 ppm
Chlorine Trifluoride (ClF3) 0 - 1.00 ppm
Combustibles 0 -100% LEL
Diborane (B2H6) 0 - 30.0 ppm
Fluorine (F2) 0 - 6.0 ppm
Hydrogen (H2) 0 - 2000 ppm
Hydrogen Chloride (HCl) 0 - 15.0 ppm
Hydrogen Fluoride (HF) 0 - 9.0 ppm
Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) 0 -100.0 ppm
Nitric Oxide (NO) 0 -100.0 ppm
Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2) 0 - 15.0 ppm
Nitrogen Trifluoride (NF3) 0 - 30.0 ppm
Oxygen (O2) 0 - 25.0 %
Ozone (O3) 0 - 1.0 ppm
Phosphine (PH3) 0 - 1.0 ppm
Silane (SiH4) 0 - 15.0 ppm
Sulfur Dioxide (SO2) 0 - 30.0 ppm
TEOS (Si(OC2H5)4) 0 -15/30 ppm
Specifications subject to change without notice. 
Made in the USA

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